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Why does my candle look discolored after burned?

Our candles are made with all natural coconut/soy wax made from US grown soy beans. There are no additives or chemicals added so the discoloration is a normal reaction to the wax burning process. We think it adds to the uniqueness. Please avoid keeping your candle in indirect/direct sunlight.

Are your wood pieces a fire hazard?

All of our wood pieces are sealed and treated with a fire retardant coating and our wicks are placed in a position as to avoid direct contact with the container.  It is also important to follow the guidelines listed in our candle care section for maximum safety. Never burn below 1/2" of wax on the bottom and never leave a lit candle unattended or near unsupervised children or pets.

Can the candle containers be reused?

Absolutely! Once your candle has stopped burning, gently clean out any excess wax with a spoon and paper towel. When most of the wax residue is out of the container, you may use hot soap water to remove the rest. It is important that you do not pour the wax residue down your drain.
Once your bowl is clean, you can use it as a beautiful home decor piece or you can order a refill through our website.  It is not appropriate for use with food.

Can the candle containers be refilled and made into another candle scent?

Yes! Once your candle has finished burning, simply place a refill order and drop your piece off at our location. We will take care of all the wax cleaning and will let you know when your new candle is ready for pick up. Try a different scent each time!

Why does it take 7-10 days for a candle to be ready?

When using soy wax, it takes this amount of time for the fragrances oils and wax to cure together ensuring the best possible scent throw and burn quality when lit.

Are your candles made with essential oils?

In general, essential oil use in candles is not considered safe. Many of these oils are toxic to pets and are highly flammable. We support other small businesses who are committed to using the highest quality ingredients in their fragrance oils to ensure a safe, clean and pleasant aroma. 


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